K-Pop Kulture: The Best Crossovers in K-Pop

The best crossovers in K-Pop

K-pop is vibrant, unique and new. And, Western pop music is the music landscape. So, what happens when the two meet each other? Well, you get the best of both worlds.

Welcome to another episode of K-Pop Kulture right here on InidgoMusic.com, folks! Your one stop fill shop on all things K-Pop. And, this week, we got to thinking: what better way to get familiar with K-Pop than to dive into some of the best crossovers between Korean pop music and western pop artists.

From BTS to BLACKPINK and MAMAMOO to MONSTA X, these K-Pop acts have scored big with some of the most iconic Western acts. But, that road goes both ways. And, while Western pop music gives artists’ a new platform, K-Pop adds a unique flavour to our favourite tunes.

So, sit back and groove along to 4 of the best K-Pop crossovers that transcended language, boundaries and hearts!

Now, that’s a wrap  on this week’s episode of K-Pop Kulture, folks! We at IndigoMusic.com are always buzzing with great content just like this. And, our love for K-Pop goes far and wide. So, stay tuned to IndigoMusic.com, and keep your eyes peeled for all the latest.

By: Ahalya Narayanan