The Week in Music Ep 19: Kanye and more

Back in action this week, your faithful host, Aatira Kakroo is here to give you the download on everything that happened in music this week. On this episode of ‘The Week in Music’, find out all about the Kanye West’s presidency and who is supporting him. From Charlie Puth to Prateek Kuhad, we have got you covered.

This episode looks at how Kanye dropped the presidency bomb on us or how Prateek Kuhad moved us so much that we cried and how Charlie Puth is annoyed with the BTS’s Army.

This episode is the perfect balance of all things important, quirky and relevant. So, dive right in!

The Week In Music goes down every week so be sure to tune in and you will find yourself in good company. And boy, you can bet that every week will arrive with its fill of drama.

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