2 Chainz And Lil Wayne’s 14th Collaboration: ‘Money Maker’

2 Chainz is out with a new song called ‘Money Maker’ which features Lil Wayne. The frequent collaborators announced the same on August 6, 2020 via their social media accounts. The track marks the ‘BFF’ singer‘s first song after the ‘BFF’ singer collaborated with Ariana Grande on the ‘Rule The World’ track.

The melody of ‘Money Maker’ sounds very familiar and that’s because it’s sampled from 1988 ‘Piece of My Love’ by the band, Guy. That was surely a classic and the twists incorporated by 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne are enough to prove their worth in the Hip-Hop scene.

The new single came forward right after the battle between 2 Chainz and Rick Ross which took place a few hours before the release. ‘Money Maker’ was also played as a preview during the battle. The most anticipated Verzuz battle was watched on Apple Music, Apple Tv or on Verzuz’s official Instagram page.

2 Chainz And Lil Wayne’s Collaboration History

This bromance has been going on for years which has led to a total of 13 collaborations. Their first came out in 2006 called ‘Grew Up A Screw Up’ in which they hijacked ‘Release Therapy’ by Ludacris. Some of the other songs are Duffle Bag Boy, Big Dawg, Real As They Come and more. 2 Chainz teamed up with Lil Wayne on ‘Back on The Bullshyt’ in 2016. And now, we get to hear them on ‘Money Maker’ after four years.

There is no denying that the pair always kills it when they come together. You’ll understand that, even in this track, ‘Money Maker’.

By: Aatira Kakroo