5 Hidden Gems By Demi Lovato: Must-Listens

Demi Lovato's hidden gems

1. La La Land

This track may not be unknown, considering how it was one of her first ever hit singles. But, it’s definitely gotten left behind in the wave of new Demi Lovato music. What makes this one so special is the unapologetic writing, characteristic of the pop singer’s personality. 

Demi opens this song with the striking lines: “I am confident, but/ I still have my moments/ Baby, that’s just me.” And, if that doesn’t give you enough of a taste, the chorus is sure to blow your socks off. She sings, “Well, some may say I need to be afraid/ Of losing everything/ Because of where I/ Had my start and/ Where I made my name./But everything’s the same/ In a la la land machine.” Add to that the light rock arrangement and her powerful vocals, and you’ve got an absolute banger to rock out to, folks.