5 Hidden Gems By Demi Lovato: Must-Listens

Demi Lovato's hidden gems

Demi Lovato has had one hell of a roller coaster ride as far as being a pop star goes. During her decade-long career, she has done it all – the good girl on Disney, the edgy pop star, the vocal powerhouse and the vulnerable singer-songwriter. And, through it all, she has become a pop icon for our generation. 

But, while Demi Lovato has countless chart-topping hits and commercial successes under her belt, there are some tracks that have gone unnoticed. Every singer has a sparkling B-Side to their dazzling A-Sides. And, trust us when we say: Demi is no stranger to some hidden gems. So, as we celebrate her birthday, we’re diving straight into some of her most underrated songs. And, these are must-listens that give you a whole new insight into the singer’s world of music.