Baekhyun of EXO Releases Solo Album “Delight”: Listen Now


Singer and member of the popular K-Pop boy group ‘EXO‘, Baekhyun, has finally released his second mini album after much anticipation. The album, titled ‘Delight’, is accompanied by the leading single “Candy”, and a colourful music video that embraces the theme of the song and album in its entirety. 

Baekhyun explores bedroom pop and moody R&B beats in full swing with the new album. 

The single, “Candy”, fittingly appears as the first track on the album, giving listeners the perfect sampler of what’s to come. The track explores the kind of love that has Baekhyun willing to do whatever it takes to win his girl’s heart.

With the company of pop-trap beats and an upbeat R&B underlay, Baekhyun sings: “I’ll become something special, so you come to me/ Even someone as picky as you will become addicted to me//Girl I’m your candy/ Special chemistry//”. He goes on to play on the theme of candy, crooning: “Mature cinnamon/ dorky mint/ what more do you want?”. 

The music video is a spectacular visual of colours and a detailed aesthetic. All clad in colourful streetwear, Bekhyun wanders through a market, sampling different sweet treats, before he joins his friends for some slick choreography. 

The album, ‘Delight’ marks the second solo endeavour by Baekhyun, independent of his group ‘EXO’. The mini album features 7 tracks. Following the mood set by the single “Candy”, the production features familiar pop sounds that are popular today. Baekhyun showcases his trademark vocals – moody, yet strong, it is easy to see why he is considered one of the best voices in K-Pop.

The songwriting explores the excitement of a new love and the push and pull in the beginning of a relationship. Never once dropping in energy, the album provides high energy upbeat pop tunes from start to finish. 

‘Delight’ by Baekhyun is available on all streaming platforms now. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan