Billie Eilish Set To Hold New Virtual Concert ‘Where Do We Go?’

A few days after wrapping up her brilliant performance of ‘No Time To Die’ on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Billie Eilish just dropped yet another bomb. This time around, it appears that the young star is gearing up to hold her very first full-length livestream concert. 

Due to this global pandemic, a number of artists have had to cancel or reschedule their tours. Billie has been a victim of this too. Back in March, the star’s North American tour had to take a backseat. But now, it looks like she’s making up for it with her upcoming virtual concert. 

Billie Eilish & Her First Virtual Concert

The star recently took to social media to break the news. She shared the poster for her livestream event which is titled, ‘Where Do We Go?’. It features a dark silhouette of the star against a blood-red background. The spooky black text reveals the title and other details on the concert. 

Billie captioned the post with, “miss doing shows so muuuuuch, soo I’m doing a livestream october 24th and i can’t wait to be performing agaaaain. get your tickets now!” Now, this virtual concert is set to air live from Los Angeles at 3 p.m. PT, hosted on the singer’s website. Oh and here’s the kicker: after the show, ticket holders will be allowed access for 24 hours to replay the show on-demand. 

In other news, during the Tonight Show, Billie confessed that she and her brother Finneas have been working on loads of new music. She further added that she was grateful for all the time on her hands during quarantine, because it’s allowed her to craft so many new projects. Or as Billie mysteriously stated, “I think it has birthed some things.”

Will we get a taste of some of that during her livestream event? We’ll just have to wait and see. 

By: Nina Karun