BLACKPINK Nurse Broken Hearts in ‘Lovesick Girls’

BLACKPINK is officially in your area with a brand new single! The hit Kpop act just made their descent with ‘Lovesick Girls’ which finds a warm spot on their debut studio album, “BLACKPINK: The Album”. The fresh tune was also accompanied by its very own visualizer.

Fueled by scorching melodies and smooth rhymes, ‘Lovesick Girls’ builds to a powerful crescendo. The chorus sees BLACKPINK adopt a funky set of beats, tossed up with a sweet, singalong harmony. It’s worth mentioning that the second verse of the track nurses two ripe rap pieces, courtesy Lisa and Jennie, ultimately giving the song a much-needed push.

The Concept Binding ‘Lovesick Girls’

Much like the title suggests, this track sees the band long for a lost love. There’s no treatment for lovesickness and so, the girls have to sit it out and allow every little emotion to swallow them whole. And yet, it’s the pain of a broken heart that ultimately reminds them how real it all was. The girls want to rid themselves of the heartbreak and yet, they can’t stop clinging onto it. It’s a complex dilemma and the lyrics do complete justice to it. Take a look:

We arе the lovesick girls
I’m nothing without this pain
But we were born to be alone
Yeah we were born to be alone
But why we still looking for love

A prince not even on my list
Love is a drug that I quit
No doctor could help when I’m lovesick

The music video for the track witnesses BLACKPINK dabble in a bit of acting. From sugary-sweet cliches of a budding relationship to full blown fights – we see the girls through every stage. Much like BLACKPINK’s previous videos, this one is also defined by its stunning sets. From fields of dark blue roses to a sketched-up car and rooms dripping with paint – every frame is a treat to the eyes. And finally, the climax of the video sees the band find comfort in each other’s company.

‘Lovesick Girls’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

By: Nina Karun