Bryan Adams Apologises For “Bat-Eating” Remarks

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is back in the news. But this time it doesn’t “cut like a knife” as much.

On Monday, Bryan Adams had taken to Instagram with a post. He was seen singing his hit song ‘Cuts Like A Knife’ but in the caption he let a whole different, slightly racist side of him unleash. In a whole collection of less than kind words, he claimed that the world had come to a halt because of “bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy b***ards.”

Bryan Adam’s advice to these people was to “go vegan.” Read the whole story here.

On Tuesday, he posted a new video of him singing ‘Into The Fire’ with another caption where he had changed his tune completely. We imagine it was necessary after the whirlwinds it created on Twitter.

“Looks like someone’s views on race are stuck in the summer of ’69,” one hilarious tweet pointed out his unfortunate stance.

This new post by Bryan Adams on Tuesday had a much needed apology. “Apologies to any and all that took offence to my posting yesterday. No excuse, I just wanted to have a rant about the horrible animal cruelty in these wet-markets being the possible source of the virus, and promote veganism. I have love for all people and my thoughts are with everyone dealing with this pandemic around the world.”