BTS’ ARMY Raise Over 5 Lakh in Aid of Assam Floods

Bts' Indian fans step up

The BTS ARMY has long been known as a force to be reckoned with and this proves why. Amid the devastating ongoing Assam floods, Indian fans of BTS have united to raise funds for the cause. 

Following a post by an Assamese fan requesting the help of Indian fans, the fandom was quick to act. Mobilising in hundreds online, using Twitter and fan pages as a means to spread the message, Indian ARMY began a crowdfunding campaign.

And so, it unfolded. Within 24 hours, the young, passionate collective managed to raise over 5 lakhs in aid of the Assam floods. As the numbers currently stand, ARMY has raised close to 6 lakhs and counting.

The situation in Assam continues to worsen. The number of affected people has increased from 3 lakhs to nearly 40 lakhs. And, the number of affected districts stands at 27. The state’s pride, Kaziranga National Park, has been severely affected too. The human death toll currently stands at 93. Animal and plant life, too, continues to suffer as a result of the violent floods. 

BTS’ ARMY are known for their strength in numbers. Made up of politically aware and  proactive fans, the fanbase has always shown an interest in contributing to social and political movements.

Most notably, their recent donation to the Black Lives Matter movement grabbed headlines world over. Matching BTS’ donation, the ARMY raised over 1 million dollars in less than 24 hours in support of the BLM movement. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan