BTS Have Picked Out Their Best Lyrics for a Book Series


What’s a week without news from our favourite Kpop band, BTS? Not too long back, the boys put out the first single from their upcoming Japanese album, ‘Map of the Soul: The Journey’ and now, they’re coming through with something just as exciting. 

BTS is reportedly debuting a book series highlighting some of their most powerful lyrical moments. The boys are known to tackle weightier issues like the downside of fame, the crippling pressures of the industry, mental health, youth and a number of other topics. So, picking out their most poignant, hard-hitting lyrics might be quite a challenge considering that a lot of their songs witness just this.

So, What Gems Will BTS Unearth with ‘Graphic Lyrics’?

The band’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, recently shed some light on the release of ‘Graphic Lyrics. So, here’s what we know so far: the company will release a string of illustrated books visually decoding the lyrics from a few BTS songs.

Each book is set to focus on one of these tracks, ‘Save Me,’ ‘House of Cards,’ ‘Butterfly,’ ‘A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone,’ and ‘Run.’

In a statement released by Big Hit Entertainment, the agency emphasized that with this project they wanted to bring something new to the table.

“With Graphic Lyrics, we are introducing a new way of enjoying music for the first time with BTS songs and are planning to continue the series with Big Hit’s multi-label artists as well. We expect the Graphic Lyrics series, which captures the sensitivity of paper books by translating music in writing and painting, to be a unique experience not only for BTS fans but also for the public audience,” the agency said. 

Without leaving fans with a minute to breathe, BTS also released the official trailer for ‘Graphic Lyrics’. Featuring some stunning animation, lined up with quite a charming colour palette, we can already tell that this project is going to be quite the treat for the eyes. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Watch on. 

By: Nina Karun