Chanyeol & Sehun Break Out of the Box in New Solo Numbers

As EXO’s sub unit SC (Sehun and Chanyeol) gear up to drop their upcoming album, ‘1 Billion Views,’ they’re giving us a taste of this record through a string of new tunes. First on the block, we see Sehun, who also forms a part of EXO’s rapline, take the stage with his new solo track, ‘On Me’.

With this tune, we see the rapper revert to old-school Hip Hop sounds, peppering in a trap mix which creates a fine layer for his husky verses to settle on. Co-written by Sehun, this track speaks of breaking out of box, one’s often confined to. Sehun has chosen a path to tread on, refusing to be swayed by other peoples’ judgements and opinions. ‘On Me’ also marks Sehun’s first solo number and boy, does he own it through and through.

Now, coming to the music video, the focus is clearly on the impressive choreography. Apart from rather cinematic shots of Sehun riding a horse, with the sun setting behind him, the young rapper mostly steals the show with a sensual, Hip Hop piece.

He joins a groups of dancers, donning baggy jeans, a red jacket and a dazzling choker. Fans of EXO see Sehun in a completely new avatar, one that’s bolder, confident and dripping with charisma.

Chanyeol Dabbles with A New Style in ‘Nothin”

Now, coming to the other half of this duo, Chanyeol, also wowed fans with his solo track, ‘Nothin’’. While the lyrical content of this track mirrors Sehun’s ‘On Me.’ In terms of sound and production, it’s worlds apart. On ‘Nothin’’ we see Chanyeol experiment with a slow rolling trap, opting to take things down a notch with distorted melodies. It’s refreshing to see the star try his hand at a new style considering that his raps are often bursting with energy.

The music video intensifies the calming, trance-like mood the song leaves you with. We see Chanyeol abandon his bike and wander under red lighting. He arrives at a table, where he appears to be developing photographs. In the video, Chanyeol also seems to be grappling with certain dilemmas as later on, he ends up tearing down some of the photos he strung up, before holding his head in his hands.

Interestingly enough, many of the frames at the start of the video are very similar to one of EXO’s older numbers – ‘Lightsaber.’ This tune also begins with the sound of a motorbike ripping through the streets before finally being abandoned by Sehun, this time.

EXO-SC also put out their single ‘Telephone’ which arrived with a rather quirky music video. Their nine-track LP is slated to drop on July 13th, making this their debut project as a subunit.

By: Nina Karun