Doja Cat and Saweetie Give Us ‘Best Friend’ Goals

Bejeweled, sexy, and confident! Pretty much sums up the new song released by Doja Cat and her new bestie Saweetie. The duo drive around in a spruced up car and have a slumber party. Oh, to be 16 again, and have sleepovers, and drive around in a…Tesla? 

‘Best Friend’ directed by Dave Meyers, follows Saweetie’s most recent collaboration with artist Jhené Aiko called ‘Back to the Streets’. The Timbaland-produced track came out in October, last year. Saweetie is currently readying her debut album, Pretty B*tch Music.

Girl’s Night Out Done Right

To start off this glamorous music video, the ladies brush off “another fake woke misogynist” hitting on them. Yeah, you know what we mean!  The two converse telepathically, rolling their eyes at the eager to please man “Bitch, please, that kind of crass virtue-signalling is nothing but a less overtly nefarious form of toxic masculinity,” Saweetie reads Doja Cat’s thoughts. 

In other words, Doja Cat and Saweetie do not have time for any straight man’s lame attempts at courting, and especially their opinions. We agree. Two of funkiest women in the rap industry are too busy serving us the sickest beats, paired with amazing lyrics. Best to let them do their thing, folks.

Go Bestie!

We absolutely love the camaraderie and sisterhood in this video! Not to forget the lyrics. Here are some of our favourite ones;

“Do you wanna go do karate in the garage?

Can we jump in the car

And do donuts on the lawn?

Can we order some food

And eat it till we feel sick?

Probably stay in the crib

And regret ordering it”

As they dance in front of Birkins, a bedazzled Tesla, and in a strip club showering down $100s only, Doja Cat handles the chorus while Saweetie spits. “She been down since the jellies and the bobos / Got me stepping out the G in Manolos,” she raps while wearing all Gucci. Now, this is what we call Girl Power! “Best Friend” is a groovy, bedazzled bop showing two successful women celebrating each other’s, success, independence and respect for each other. 

By: Aatira Kakroo