Gems From Prince Now up for Auction

For many of us, the word ‘auction’ is attached to scenes from movies where well-dressed men or women loudly exclaim, ‘Sold!’. And right now, the new items on the table are: A guitar from Prince’s prime and some legendary Beatles lyrics sketched out by Paul McCartney. Mhmm, that’s the sale of a lifetime.

Just yesterday, Julien’s Auctions announced that the auction taking place on June 19-20th in Beverly Hills and online will include a 1984 blue “cloud” guitar custom-made for Prince. Note that he played this instrument when he was at his peak, just after “Purple Rain.”

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The auctioneer has hailed this instrument as one of the most important pieces that saw Prince through the early years of his career. With the artist’s “love” symbol on the neck and gold hardware, it’s no surprise that it’s expected to fetch between $100,000 and $200,000.

Oh and that’s not all! A purple suit, a pendant and a pair of boots from Prince will be for sale too. Well, considering that he was quite the fashion icon, there’s no doubt that he’d possess some of the best accessories and fits.

Now coming to Paul McCartney, a page of his handwritten lyrics, for the song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” from the Beatles’ 1969 album “Abbey Road,” will also be up for auction. Oh and the best part? It will feature cross-outs, revisions and earlier drafts of lines from the song. This means that one lucky buyer will actually get to see how this tune was born.

The auction will also have special pieces from the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, the Rolling Stones, Queen, and a number of other stars.