H.E.R Tells Her Lover to Tread Carefully in ‘Damage’

H.E.R is back with a new track

If there’s one thing R&B superstar H.E.R knows how to do, it’s set the tone. And, with her new release, the songstress has delivered to the maximum extent. The singer just released a new single titled, ‘Damage’, and may have kickstarted a new era in music leading to a new album, sometime soon. 

H.E.R dropped the track earlier today, with a music video slated for release later in the evening. Further, she’s all set to appear as the musical guest on the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Adele. And, one can only assume that ‘Damage’ is what she’ll be using to set the stage on fire. 

H.E.R is Crystal Clear

‘Damage’ follows in the same vein as many of H.E.R’s previous works – sultry, moody tones as functions of love. And, this time, too, H.E.R leaves no room for doubt as she explicitly warns her lover to be careful with her feelings. In the chorus, she sings: “Careful what you take for granted// ‘Cause with me know you could do damage.”

And, in signature fashion, the writing is unquestionable in its articulation. As the song proceeds, the singer-songwriter lays bare all her vulnerabilities, anxieties and fears about getting into a new relationship. 

‘Damage’ is now available across all streaming platforms. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan