John Legend: “Donald Trump Is A Bigot”

john legend donald trump

John Legend has had enough. In a listening party for his album, he made it plenty clear. Donald Trump had recently tweeted a conspiracy theory about what might have happened in Buffalo.

The response didn’t sit well with John Legend and he fired back saying, “We are always going to be in a weaker position as a nation as long as he is in charge because he is not capable of leading the country well. In particular, when we have moments of racial unrest and responses to racism, having a bigot as the chief executive of the country is a terrible thing, who also has authoritarian impulses, who wants to use the military to wage war on undesirable citizens.”

John Legend’s seventh album ‘Bigger Love’ is out on June 19th and has got his fans very excited. In a listening party organized, he didn’t shy away from getting political, saying “President Trump is obviously a bigot, he has been a bigot his entire life, his father was a bigot. It’s part of his world view that there is a hierarchy of races. I believe he is a eugenicist. That’s an ingrained part of his world view. He is also a narcissist.”

Adding on, John Legend says, “He is also not very good at actually managing anything. Bad at managing the pandemic response, even executing his own twisted ideas, he’s terrible at that. That’s probably one of his only saving graces is that he is not capable enough to execute all the terrible things he wants to do in this country that are manifestations of his sick mind.”

By: Nupur Saraswat