Julia Michaels Discusses Debut Album, Love & JP Saxe

The starry musician, Julia Michaels recently sat down for an interview wherein she dished out details on her upcoming debut full-length album. Following her relationship with singer-songwriter JP Saxe, she confessed that her album would trace ideas of finding love and being in love. 

Michaels gave us our first taste of her upcoming album through the single, ‘Lie Like This’. The tune made its landing just recently, on October 1st. Speaking of how this tune was crafted, the star confessed, “The song actually came about because I was sitting on JP. My back was on his stomach, and I was sitting in front of him. And I turned my head upside down to kiss him … (and thought) ‘I’m putting that in a song!’ And we went to the studio and that’s how that song started!”

Julia Michaels & The Theme Binding Her Debut Record

The artist also admitted that a lot of the tracks sitting on the album were about JP Saxe. Perhaps one could even call their relationship as artists, a symbiotic one. As Michaels explained, “I’ve written a couple songs on this album about him, and he’ll play me a song that he’s written afterward — kind of like as a rebuttal. Or like, you know, “Hey, I know this was your insecurity in this song, but let me just tell you why it doesn’t have to be an insecurity in my song.” So, we’re pretty cute. It’s kind of annoying. We’re pretty gross… it’s fine.”


As an artist with many years of experience in the industry, Michaels has had enough time to flesh out this project. She touched upon how different her previous EPs are in contrast to her debut record. “I think the biggest difference in this album is that with my EPs prior, it was very much self-reflective. It was talking about my anxiety and my depression and my body issues. All of those things that I sort of think about on a daily basis, which is why it was called Inner Monologue,” she articulated.

“And this album is more just about finding love and being in love, and not being bitter about love.”

Julia Michaels & The Search For Love

The young star also discussed how many people get caught up in the net of toxic relationships. And this is mostly because they believe that they aren’t worthy of a certain kind of love. And she hopes that what fans can take away from this album is the fact that finding love isn’t as cumbersome as it sounds. It’s a seamless process, one that she encourages her fans to open themselves to. 

“I want my fans to know that you can find love even with all these things that go on in your head. And in your mind. And all these things that you feel about your body. When you find it, it’s so special, and it’s easy, and it doesn’t have to be this theatrical, dramatic thing, you know?” Michaels shared. 

Julia Michaels’ debut studio album is yet to claim an official release date so stay tuned for more updates. 

By: Nina Karun