Justin Bieber Teases Romance in New Single: ‘Holy’

Justin Bieber teases new music video

Justin Bieber is welcoming a new era of music with open arms. And, taking us closer to the release of his upcoming single, ‘Holy’, are teasers of the visualiser.

Earlier today, the Canadian singer-songwriter took to social media to share a short clip from the upcoming music video. And, this one reveals an on-screen romance with musician and actress Ryan Destiny. 

In addition, the music video, directed by famous music video director Colin Tilley, is slated for release this Friday. The short clip shared by Bieber sees the star waking up in bed, looking dazed and confused. And, as he turns around, he finds his partner in bed (played by Ryan Destiny), smiling at him reassuringly. Drenched in sunlight and intimacy, the dreamy clip excited fans world over. 

Bieber’s New Era

‘Holy’ marks Bieber’s first solo release following his singles, ‘Yummy’ and ‘Intentions’. Further, the singer put out a collaboration with fellow pop star, Ariana Grande, in the form of ‘Stuck With U’ – a pop-jazz ballad. And, last week, he starred in the Drake x DJ Khaled track, ‘Popstar’, taking the internet by storm with his new look. 

Now, ‘Holy’, featuring Chance The Rapper, is slated for release on the 18th of September, Friday, accompanied by an official music video.  In addition, the track is available for pre-save on all streaming platforms now.

By: Ahalya Narayanan