Lady Gaga Has Her Mask On. What About You?

As the global coronavirus pandemic chugs on, musicians across the globe have done their bit to help. Be it through donations to the WHO, encouraging fans to practice social distancing or even selling masks and other protective gear. Now, Lady Gaga has stepped forward, once again. 

The star recently took to Instagram to post a selfie encouraging her 42.7 million Instagram followers to wear a mask amid this pandemic. The ‘Chromatica’ themed mask has silver spikes and chains along with the album’s name scrawled across in glittery pink letters. Yup, it’s a more peppy version of the kind of masks you see in ‘Mad Max’.

“I believe in being kind to yourself, the community, and the planet. I challenge my awesome friends to show off their mask game!” Gaga captioned the post. You have to give it to her, it’s a good tactic to encourage people to keep their masks on.

Lady Gaga & The Fight Against This Global Pandemic

Over the past few months, Lady Gaga has been extremely proactive when it comes to channeling her efforts into COVID relief funds. In fact, back in April, Gaga joined forces with the World Health Organization and Global Citizen to organize the ‘One World: Together at Home’ concert. She managed to curate over 100 artists from their homes across the globe. And the event, raised a whopping $128 million to battle the coronavirus.

In fact, a little after this, when Lady Gaga sat down for a chat with Jimmy Fallon, she expressed her frustration over the statement, “we’re all in this together.” Speaking of the situation this pandemic has put some communities in, Gaga said, “While I think the sentiment is nice, I also think that the fight that I’m in — or that you’re in, right? — is very different than the fight of a woman that is in, perhaps, an abusive relationship and has a child and lost her job and can’t feed her kid and can’t feed herself and also can’t get the help that she needs because she’s in a violent situation.”

She then concluded with this powerful thought, “We always take moments throughout the day to remind ourselves that we have it very good, actually, and I say that with a lot of respect and gravity, I’ve been really focusing a lot of my energy on figuring out how I can help. Because we all want this to end, but being in this all together — that’s a tricky statement because … I want to honor that woman who is not in the same fight that I’m in, and I want to help her fight that fight.”

Well, all we can say is that her efforts are truly laudable. 

By: Nina Karun