Lil Nas X Wants You To Name His Next Album

lil nas x

We have to say, Lil Nas X has been the greatest new edition the music industry has seen. The man shook the world with his track, ‘Old Town Road’ and the many remixes that followed. In no time, he became a chart dominator, but it didn’t stop there. His next track that saw roaring success was ‘Panini’ and a little after that, ‘Rodeo’. But while these tracks have been keeping us on our toes, everyone’s been itching to hear news of his debut album. And now finally, he’s answered our prayers.

Lil Nas X’s debut album is slowly coming together, and thankfully, he’s kept us in the loop through his social media updates. Currently, he took to Twitter to put out this message,  “ALBUM: 82% DONE,” followed by a tiger emoji.

What Lil Nas X Has in Store with this New Album

The singer’s been leaving a careful trail of hints behind. In fact, just recently he took to his Instagram stories to post a sneak peek of new music. The brief clip showed us the young star, dressed in a hoodie and well, just grooving.

Not long after this, Lil Nas X arrived with an exciting proposition: his fans get to suggest names for his new album. “ALL FOLLOWERS REPORT, NEED ALBUM NAME IDEAS!” he wrote on Twitter. What followed was a string of bizarre titles, right up Lil Nas X’s street, because after all, he does have a flair for all things odd and humorous. One look at his music video and you’ll know.

And yet, there’s no confirmation on his side of a release date or frankly, any other news concerning the album. The young star’s last music video was of his remixed version of ‘Rodeo’ that paid homage to every iconic horror movie trope out there. If you compare this video to that of ‘Old Town Road’ you’ll realize that it’s insanely difficult to predict Lil Nas X’s next move.

And perhaps, that’s what makes his impending release even more thrilling. 

By: Nina Karun