Machine Gun Kelly & Halsey Rage On In ‘Forget Me Too’

Machine Gun Kelly just treated fans to the official music video for his track, ‘Forget Me Too’. The tune was crafted in league with Halsey and finds a space on Kelly’s latest album, “Tickets To My Downfall“. 

The track opens with a gentle acoustic guitar riff and Kelly’s warped vocals before segueing into a power-packed set of beats. The punk rocker’s husky vocals creates a fiery harmony with Halsey’s melodies. While the song arrives with a burst of energy, capturing the pent up anger and frustrations of a broken relationship – it really doesn’t offer more than that. Trudging through familiar riffs and melodies, the song doesn’t really arrive with the kind of punch one would expect when seeing rising stars like Halsey and Machine Gun Kelly join forces.

Tracing the push and pull of a relationship that threatens to fall apart at any moment, the lyrics read, 

‘Cause I taste blood when you bleed
It’s eating me alive
We’d both be better off alone
Still think I’d get you on the phone
With one last breath in me
I’d die before I let you leave

The Philip Andelman-directed clip, sees both Kelly and Halsey struggle to forget each other, only to fail when spotting something the other has left behind. Between fits of rage and being tormented by visions of each other, much like the song itself, the music video also proves to be an adrenaline rush from start to finish. 

By: Nina Karun