The Future Of Music Concerts Is Here & It Looks Promising

mads langer

It all started when Danish singer-songwriter Mads Langer found himself with more than 40 cancelations for music concerts and festivals that he would usually do int he summer for the last 15 years.

At first the thought was that maybe he should do what the rest of the music industry has been doing — live concerts, from their homes. But instead what happened, was ingenious.

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We did it ❤️?

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Mads Langer played to a crowd of drive-in music concert goers who were transmitted the music through a particular frequency to their car radios. And you might wonder, how does one clap in such a situation? Well, you honk and let your windshield wipers do the waving!

Mads Langer later did an interview saying, “At first, it felt extremely awkward. I realised on-stage that I was performing to four people times 500, rather than 2,000 people.” Referring to the number of cars present at the music concert, which was 500.

Something similar is brewing in Texas, USA. The Texas Rangers have announced a similar drive-thru music concert in a baseball stadium. Eli Young Band, Whiskey Myers, Pat Green and the Josh Abbott Band & Kevin Fowler are promised to the excited community of Arlington from June 4th to 7th.

This is good news that comes after the ‘cease and desist’ order given to the “socially distant” music concerts that were planned in Arkansas. It showed that it wasn’t quite in line with what the government thought was in line with protocol.

If this trend picks up — of finding a stage in a big open space, using FM technology to transmit the sound, music concerts and festivals might live to see another day.

This is not just good news for the patrons and connoisseurs of live music but also for the workers and crew that this industry of music concerts supports who have found themselves in hard times for the last few months.