Selena Gomez Gets Dragged into Bieber Drama Yet Again; Fans React 

Justin Bieber drags Selena Gomez into drama

Selena Gomez finds herself in the middle of Justin Bieber drama, yet again, and her fans have had enough. 

Earlier in the day, Justin Bieber was called out by an anonymous Twitter user, who levied accusations of sexual abuse against the singer. After a discussion with his team and wife, Hailey Bieber, Justin took to Twitter to clear his name of the allegations. Providing several proofs of his whereabouts on the day of the alleged incident, he immediately denied the accusations. One piece of key evidence – his ex-flame, then girlfriend, Selena Gomez. 

Name dropping Gomez in several tweets, Justin is now receiving backlash for using Selena as his alibi, rather than keeping her out of the drama. Seeing as how she has nothing to do with the allegations, but is being put in the middle of the drama nonetheless is making her fans uncomfortable, to say the least.

As Selena trends on Twitter with 288,000 tweets and counting, fans are rallying around her, reiterating that Bieber’s response has been thoughtless of Gomez and the position his justification puts her in.

The mention of her name as proof of being falsely accused makes her liable to comment on the issue. And seeing as how Gomez has had a long road to recovery after the “abusive” relationship, fans could care less for the pressure this puts Selena under. 

And while Selena Gomez fans stand in strong support by her, Justin Bieber’s collective does the same. Taking the point of how the anonymous user, “Danielle” used Selena’s name in her account as well, Beliebers are urging Selenators to calm down. 

Bieber has continued to tweet, vehemently denying the accusations, even retweeting Cole Sprouse’s thread about “false accusations”. Selena Gomez is yet to comment on the issue.

By: Ahalya Narayanan