The Weeknd Towers Over New York City For ‘Blinding Lights’

This year, The Weeknd showed us the power of a conceptual album with the release of ‘After Hours’. Many of the tracks sitting on this record arrived with their very own visualizers that mirrored ideas of redemption, melancholia and the crippling effects of fame. So, it’s no surprise that The Weeknd became a staple contender in the nominee list for some of the biggest categories at the 2020 VMAs.

The star even took one of his biggest hits to the stage: ‘Blinding Lights’. This funky retro tune has been making waves across the world. So, it’s certainly a neat pick for the star’s live performance.

Donning his signature blood-red jacket and gloves, The Weeknd’s performance was a visual spectacle like no other. We first see the star walk dazedly between sparkling towers of light before climbing aboard the observation deck of the Edge building at Hudson Yards. Simply put, he delivered his verses from the roof of a massive building, looking over the blinding cityscape of New York.

And as if his larger than life performance wasn’t enough to take our breath away, towards the climax of his set, a vibrant fireworks display bloomed across the sky behind him.

The night also witnessed The Weeknd sweep two awards in some of the biggest categories: Video of the Year and Best R&B, for ‘Blinding Lights’.

And so, we can firmly say that The Weeknd has set the bar incredibly high when it comes to VMA live stages.

By: Nina Karun