The World Of Music Radio And Its Counterpart

Who hasn’t tuned in to the radio? The range of music, entertainment and news we have had access to due to the medium is just unimaginable.

Let’s just say, Radio is Fun. Cool. And, it’s here to stay. In honour of World Radio Day (February 13th), we elaborate on the role of music radio and its significance to the music industry. It’s surely our day!

For years, record labels and radio stations have worked together, with radio broadcasting proving to be a powerful and cost-effective media tool. In other words, for a song to be successful, music radio inarguably has to be a part of that journey.

Radio As A Social Medium

Despite the onslaught of digital music, radio stations still play the biggest hits in various genres and are up to date with the latest trends in pop culture. Radio knows all about the hits and the misses, with substantial statistics to back it all up. For instance, a countdown playlist of all hip and happening songs. And, these songs that you hear on the radio make it your playlists, for sure.

The importance of radio is noted when we observe that new music is first dropped off at local and then international radio stations before the maker can decide whether or not to go ahead with a music video. Interesting, right?

A good radio station will be well connected to the music scene and its local community and will be at the forefront of breaking music news, and other content relevant to its audience.

In this digital age, anyone can share music on an online streaming platform, and that vast accessibility comes with stiff competition and a saturated market. In such a case, being associated with radio is a prominent way to stand out. Streaming music online still has a long way to go if it has to overthrow the current standard, radio.