Travis Scott Drops You From a Height with “The Plan”

Travis Scott has proven to be the game-changing piece in Christopher Nolan’s year-long puzzle. The rap star just made his landing with “The Plan”, which has claimed a spot on the soundtrack for Nolan’s latest Sci-Fi Thriller, “Tenet”.

Forged from bass-thumping beats and haunting melodies, “The Plan” draws you in from the get-go. Scott’s sleek verses lift you to new heights before dropping you into a pool of distorted harmonies. This track also found its structure with a little help from the prolific,  Ludwig Göransson, who also crafted the score for “Black Panther”. The fantastic blend of rap with warped beats and melodies, is a trait also found in the Marvel film’s soundtrack. 

Hinting at the rapper’s technique, Göransson discussed the process of creating this track alongside Travis Scott, “The way that he (Scott) connects with art is not in a singular form. He has so many tentacles, and they’re all electric. So when we talk about feeling, listening to a song or talking about a movie, he can visualize things in so many different fields. So it’s a very special ability. It’s like his own magic power.”

Adding to this, Christopher Nolan also heaped praises on Scott when he stated, “His insights into the musical and narrative mechanism  Ludwig Göransson and I were building were immediate, insightful, and profound.”

Despite the pressures of crafting a score for a big budget film, there’s no doubt that Travis Scott has done complete justice to the time-warped plot. So, buckle up, because this first listen of “The Plan” is guaranteed to leave you with goosebumps.

By: Nina Karun