All About Margot Robbie’s ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ Reboot

Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ has recently shed light on what’s next for the beloved Disney adventure series. Back in March, he hinted at a complete reboot of the franchise, highlighting the practicality of starting fresh without relying on the availability of certain actors. It’s confirmed that Jeff Nathanson, who penned the screenplay for 2017’s ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales,’ is attached to this new project.

Bruckheimer, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, shared his excitement about Nathanson’s progress on the reboot. “He’s cracked it,” Bruckheimer said, praising Nathanson’s script, particularly the impressive third act. “We just need to tidy up the first and second acts, and then we’ll be set. But he wrote a great, great third act.”

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Pirates of The Caribbean Margot Robbie
Image Courtesy: Variety

This reboot signifies a departure from the familiar faces of the original films, notably Johnny Depp’s iconic portrayal of Jack Sparrow. Despite Depp’s significant impact, which helped the first five films rake in $4.5 billion globally, his future in the franchise remains uncertain following his legal troubles and 2022 libel trial against Amber Heard.

Yet, Bruckheimer remains a strong advocate for Depp’s return, stating, “It’s a reboot, but if it was up to me, he would be in it. I love him. He’s a good friend. He’s an amazing artist and has a unique look. He created Captain Jack. That was not on the page, that was him doing a little Pepé Le Pew and Keith Richards. That was his interpretation of Jack Sparrow.”

Pirates of The Caribbean Margot Robbie
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Adding to the excitement, Variety revealed in summer 2020 that Disney is working on two separate ‘Pirates’ films: one being the reboot and the other a sixth instalment in the original series. The latter is being crafted by Craig Mazin and Ted Elliott, with Elliott having co-written the first four films. Mazin mentioned to the Los Angeles Times last year that their script for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ is delightfully peculiar, expressing surprise that Disney approved it.

“We pitched it and thought there’s no way they’re buying it, it’s too weird. And they did! And then we wrote a fantastic script and the strike happened, and everyone’s waiting around.”

Pirates of The Caribbean Margot Robbie
Image Courtesy: EW

Whether Nathanson’s reboot script is a new version of Mazin’s work or an entirely fresh take is still unknown. Meanwhile, Margot Robbie, who was set to lead a female-driven ‘Pirates’ film, disclosed to Vanity Fair in November 2022 that Disney had seemingly lost interest in that project.

However, Bruckheimer remains hopeful, telling Entertainment Weekly that there’s still potential for both the reboot and the Robbie-led film. “It’s two different movies,” Bruckheimer explained. “We hope to get them both made, and I think Disney agrees they really want to make the Margot one, too.”