‘Attack on Titan’: What Does The Finale do For Gabi Braun?

The ‘Attack on Titan’ finale dropped earlier this month, putting a cap on the monumental 10-year saga. It neatly tied up the loose ends for every character, even the notorious Gabi Braun, who managed to secure a spot as one of the series’ most disliked figures.

Gabi, introduced in the fourth season of ‘Attack on Titan,’ initially came across as an arrogant yet determined Eldian soldier from Marley, fiercely patriotic and unwaveringly loyal. Her blind acceptance of Marley’s ideology irked many fans, who found her actions and beliefs hard to swallow. However, as the story progressed, so did Gabi’s character.

Attack on Titan
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For years, she carried the weight of fan resentment, especially after the controversial killing of Sasha Blouse, a beloved character. The disdain towards her seemed insurmountable. Yet, Gabi underwent a significant transformation when captured by the Survey Corps. Her perception of the people of Paradis Island shifted from viewing them as ‘Devils’ deserving hate to realizing they were not the monsters she was led to believe.

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The ‘Attack on Titan’ finale offered closure for characters like Gabi, showing her growth and change. Playing a crucial role in taking down Eren to save the world, Gabi, along with Falco, symbolically planted a tree in the aftermath, signifying their personal growth.

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An unforgettable moment in Gabi’s journey occurred when she shockingly shot off Eren Yeager’s head in the Final Season Part 2. Fans were taken aback by this unexpected turn of events. However, her attempt to kill Eren wasn’t a quest for redemption. It was driven by the desire to stop his rampage, which caused the deaths of people she cared about. Fans forgave her, recognizing the parallel between Eren and Gabi’s characters, both propelled by the rage to annihilate those who destroyed their homes.

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Gabi’s character evolution reached its pinnacle in the finale, transforming from a staunch Marley supporter to someone seeking redemption. Witnessing the kindness and perspectives of Paradis Island’s inhabitants reshaped her worldview. A poignant moment unfolded when Sasha’s parents forgave Gabi for their daughter’s death, demonstrating compassion until the end.

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Throughout her growth, Gabi grappled with guilt and remorse, becoming a symbol of breaking free from the cycle of hatred and yearning for peace. The ‘Attack on Titan’ finale solidified Gabi as one of the series’ most intricate characters, her redemption rooted in acknowledging the humanity of her supposed enemies. In the end, she formed bonds with those from Paradis Island, challenging the narratives she had been taught.