Avril Lavigne is All About Self-Confidence in Relationships, Says ‘I Would Date Me’

Avril Lavigne recently shared insights about her perspective on relationships during an appearance on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast. While remaining discreet about her current dating status and sidestepping questions about her rumoured romance with Tyga, the singer opened up about her past experiences and what she values in a partnership.

Reflecting on her history, Lavigne revealed that she hasn’t extensively explored the dating scene due to being deeply committed to significant relationships. Despite this, she exuded confidence in her ability to contribute positively to a relationship, stating, “I’m f—ing awesome” in a partnership and humorously adding, “I would date me.” She elaborated on her strengths, highlighting her passion for cooking, home decor, and creating a vibrant living space.

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Avril Lavigne
Image Courtesy: People

When pressed about her current romantic status, Lavigne chose to remain discreet but shared some of her fundamental criteria for a successful relationship. She emphasised compatibility and trust as essential pillars, noting that without trust, one cannot feel grounded in a relationship. She also emphasised the importance of a healthy dynamic, expressing that simplicity and authenticity are key components.

‘Regarding her ideal partner, Lavigne mentioned that she doesn’t have a specific type but values qualities such as athleticism, resilience, a sense of adventure, and reliability. She emphasised the need for a solid foundation and someone she can lean on for support.

In addition to her personal life, Lavigne discussed her upcoming plans for her career. She announced her first-ever ‘Greatest Hits’ tour, scheduled for the summer, where she will perform iconic songs and tracks from her forthcoming ‘Greatest Hits’ album set to release on 21st June. 

Lavigne expressed excitement about the tour, teasing special performances and collaborations with fellow artists like All Time Low, Simple Plan, Girlfriends, and Royal & the Serpent, who will join her as supporting acts on the tour.

-Sushmita Sarkar