Bebe Rexha Threatens Legal Action Against Concertgoer for Object Throwing

Throwing objects at Bebe Rexha is neither cool nor funny. Recently, the 34-year-old pop star had a concertgoer ejected from one of her performances and threatened legal action after the person allegedly tried to throw an object at her on stage. The incident occurred during a recent festival performance of the ‘I’m Good (Blue)’ singer, as captured in a fan-filmed video shared on social media. The video shows Rexha confronting the crowd member.

“If you hit me with something on the stage, I will take you for everything you’ve got,” she declared in the clip. “Do not play with me right now.” Another part of the video shows Rexha trying to identify the individual who attempted to throw the object. “Which one? Point me to the person. I want to see them,” she told the crowd before locating the concertgoer. “Out. Get out. That’s it. It’s done for you.”

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Bebe Rexha Object Throw
Image Courtesy: People

After the individual was removed, the Grammy-nominated artist restarted her performance and continued the show. A representative for Rexha did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. Last month, Rexha had several audience members removed from a concert in Wisconsin for throwing items at her—about a year after she was injured by a thrown phone at a New York City show in June 2023.

Fan-filmed videos from the Wisconsin performance show her warning the audience about the consequences of throwing objects toward the stage. “If you want to hit me in the face, I had them press charges to the other guy. I would love to become richer,” she said, clarifying that she was joking and not encouraging such behaviour.

Bebe Rexha Object Throw
Image Courtesy: Yahoo

During her June 2023 concert at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in lower Manhattan, Rexha was hit in the forehead with a phone, causing a split eyebrow and a black eye. She was escorted off the stage, treated by medical personnel at the venue, and taken to a hospital where she received stitches.

Nicolas Malvagna, a New Jersey resident, was arrested for the incident and charged with two counts of third-degree assault, second-degree aggravated harassment, third-degree attempted assault, and second-degree harassment. He is reportedly working towards fulfilling a community service requirement to have the charges dropped.

Bebe Rexha Object Throw
Image Courtesy: People

Earlier this month, Rexha expressed her frustrations with the music industry in a series of posts on X. “I could bring down a BIG chunk of this industry. I AM frustrated. I have been UNDERMINED. I’ve been so quiet for the longest time,” she wrote.

“I haven’t seen the signs even though people constantly bring them up and they have been SO OBVIOUS,” she continued. “And when I have spoken up I’ve been silenced and PUNISHED by this industry. Things must change or I’m telling ALL of my truths. The good, the bad, and the ugly.”

–Farheen Ali