Bill Skarsgård Opens Up About a Key Concern With The New ‘The Crow’ Movie

Actor Bill Skarsgård, portraying Eric in the upcoming film adaptation of James O’Barr’s comic book ‘The Crow,’ directed by Rupert Sanders, recently shared his thoughts on the movie in an interview with Esquire. Skarsgård revealed that if he had the choice, he would have preferred a more conclusive ending to the film, expressing his personal preference for a clearer resolution.

While the ending of ‘The Crow’ remains ambiguous, potentially leaving room for a sequel, Skarsgård hinted at his desire for a definitive conclusion. Despite his involvement in the project, the actor admitted to having mixed feelings about his role in the movie.

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Bill Skarsgård The Crow
Image Courtesy: Games Radar

Recognizing the high expectations associated with such a project, Skarsgård expressed concerns about the increasing fame and attention it would bring, acknowledging the potential challenges and complexities that come with rising stardom in Hollywood.

Director Rupert Sanders explained that Skarsgård is not driven by the desire to become a Hollywood heartthrob but is instead drawn to roles that resonate with him emotionally and intellectually, reflecting a commitment to authenticity in his craft.

Bill Skarsgård The Crow
Image Courtesy: IMDb

With ‘The Crow’ set for release in theatres on August 2024, Skarsgård’s comments offer insight into his approach to acting and his perspective on fame within the industry.

– Farheen Ali