Blake Lively’s ‘It Ends With Us’ Controversy, Explained

Fiction has come a long way, with genres like fantasy and romance making significant strides. While people are often captivated by true stories, movies based on these tales rarely stir controversy unless they touch on sensitive topics like racism. However, the upcoming romance drama film ‘It Ends with Us,’ adapted from Colleen Hoover’s best-selling novel, has sparked considerable debate.

Despite selling over four million copies, the book has faced longstanding criticism for its portrayal of domestic violence, with accusations that Hoover romanticised abuse instead of delivering a clear message.

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It Ends With Us Controversy
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Originally published in 2016, ‘It Ends with Us’ received both praise and criticism. Some fans defended it, but many readers were disturbed by its content. The story’s adaptation into a film has reignited discussions on social media, with many condemning the depiction of domestic violence against women and those in love. This ongoing backlash has led to the film’s release being postponed from February to August 9, 2024.

The official trailer suggests that the film has undergone changes, but criticism remains rampant online. Central to the debate is the argument that ‘It Ends with Us’ should not be viewed as a love story. Instead, it is intended to encourage individuals to avoid abusive relationships. The casting of Blake Lively as Lily Bloom has also been controversial.

It Ends With Us Controversy
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In the novel, Lily is in her twenties, while Lively’s portrayal sees her as a thirty-six-year-old, adding a fifteen-year age difference. Hoover later admitted she should have written Lily as an older character, as such issues are more common among women in their thirties and beyond.

The author’s portrayal of Lily and Ryle’s toxic relationship has been problematic for many readers, as it worsened Lily’s life. The introduction of Atlas should have prompted Lily to leave Ryle, but the narrative complicates this progression. Even after her divorce from Ryle, Lily allows him to remain in their daughter’s life. These plot points, along with the major issues discussed, have fuelled controversy surrounding both the book and the film.

It Ends With Us Controversy
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Critics argue that ‘It Ends with Us’ should never have been marketed as a love story. Hoover acknowledged that her mother’s experiences inspired the novel, which required the inclusion of certain controversial aspects. The story, focusing on Lily’s childhood love with Atlas, was marketed as a romance to attract readers.