‘Bridgerton’ Earns Pitbull’s Praise for Unique Take on His Hit Song

Bridgerton has won the approval of rapper Pitbull for its creative rendition of his 2011 hit ‘Give Me Everything.’

In an Instagram post, the 43-year-old rapper expressed his support for the Netflix show’s classical version of his dance track, performed by Archer Marsh. “This again shows the world how music is the international language that transcends over boundaries,” Pitbull wrote, adding, “Thank you 

The unexpected string cover of ‘Give Me Everything,’ which originally featured NE-YO, Afrojack, and Nayer, surprised fans as it played during a steamy carriage scene with characters played by Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton in the first part of season 3.

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Bridgerton Pitbull
Image Courtesy: Vanity Fair

Pitbull’s song, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and remained there for 45 weeks, continues to resonate years after its release. ‘Bridgerton’ showrunner Jess Brownell recently reflected on hearing the stripped-down version for the first time. “I’m not a regular Pitbull listener, but I heard that song on the playlist without realizing what song it was at first and just thought, this song has such an incredible build,” Brownell told Business Insider.

Brownell explained that the song was a perfect fit for the scene. “If you think about that scene, it is years worth of their friendship and Penelope’s crush coming to this giant crescendo,” she said. “And that Pitbull song has so many builds within it that it just, I think, kind of nails the dynamic that’s happening in the scene.”

Bridgerton Pitbull
Image Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter

Music supervisor Justin Kamps shared similar thoughts in an interview with Tudum earlier in May. “The song is amazing, and it has this great build to it, and that’s what the scene really needed. It needed this anticipation and then an explosion into the main chorus of the song as we see what’s happening on-screen,” Kamps said.

The first part of ‘Bridgerton’ season 3 is now streaming on Netflix, with part 2 set to release on 13th June. Don’t miss any updates by signing up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter for the latest in celebrity news and compelling human interest stories.

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