Cardi B Becomes a Granny at The 2024 Met Gala With 18 Prosthetic Wrinkle Pieces

The renowned rapper took her Met Gala preparations to social media, offering fans a sneak peek into her initial plans for the highly anticipated event. 

In a behind-the-scenes TikTok video, Cardi B showcased herself in old-lady-like makeup, a surprising departure from her usual glamorous looks. This unconventional makeup choice hinted at her original intention to debut a full transformation as an elderly woman on the red carpet.

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Cardi B 2024 Met Gala
Image Courtesy: People

Makeup artist Erika La’ Pearl revealed that Cardi B had contemplated cosplaying as an old lady, complete with prosthetic wrinkles, grey hair, and a full makeup beat. This concept aligned with the Met Gala’s theme, ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,’ which aimed to reimagine and revitalise traditional styles.

La’ Pearl shared insights into the extensive preparations, mentioning a 3D scan of Cardi B’s face and the application of 18 prosthetic pieces on her face, neck, arms, and hands. 

Cardi B 2024 Met Gala
Image Courtesy: Glamour

The makeup artist, along with Alexis Stone, who specialises in hyper-realistic MFX makeup, flew to New York to test-run the ageing transformation. However, creative decisions shifted, leading Cardi B to abandon the elaborate ageing concept.

In subsequent Instagram Stories, Cardi B elaborated on her decision, citing the complexities of posing in her dress after original plans changed and momentarily forgetting the pronunciation of the designer’s name. Despite the change in plans, Cardi B’s playful experimentation with makeup showcased her creativity and willingness to push boundaries even in high-profile events like the Met Gala.

-Sushmita Sarkar