Cardi B is On a No Album 2024: ‘I’m Relaxing This Year’

Cardi B’s long-awaited second album has been a topic of fervent anticipation among her fan base since her Grammy-winning debut ‘Invasion of Privacy’. Despite a series of hit singles and notable collaborations, details about her upcoming full-length project have remained relatively scarce.

Cardi hinted at an album release later in the year, fueling excitement among her fans. However, recent developments suggest a change in plans. A heated exchange with fans online hinted at frustrations over ongoing demands and criticisms from her fanbase regarding the album’s timeline.

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Responding to a fan’s inquiry about the album’s status, Cardi expressed irritation, noting the pressure and complaints from some fans. This interaction shed light on the challenges she faces in managing expectations and navigating the complexities of fan engagement on social media.

The exchange also highlighted broader issues around fan entitlement and artist transparency. Some fans criticised Cardi’s engagement on social media, suggesting that her interactions were unappreciated and that she should reconsider her level of interaction with fans.

Cardi B Album
Image Courtesy: People

This recent incident comes after Cardi’s previous declaration of having a substantial number of unreleased songs for her album. Despite her determination to overcome obstacles like anxiety and external opinions, the current discourse suggests a potential shift in her album release plans.

Despite the online tensions, Cardi has continued to release music, dropping singles like ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ and ‘Enough (Miami)’, accompanied by stylish music videos. However, the uncertainty surrounding her album’s release timeline indicates a period of reflection and recalibration for the acclaimed rapper.

-Sushmita Sarkar