Chris Hemsworth’s Reunion with Thor’s Mjölnir at Universal Studios Goes Viral

Chris Hemsworth, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s iconic portrayal of the mighty Thor, recently shared a delightful and humorous moment with his fans on Instagram. While on a family vacation at the Orlando theme park, the actor stumbled upon a signed replica of Thor’s iconic hammer, Mjolnir, encased in a display bearing the label ‘Celebrity Authentics’. 

However, Hemsworth, with his signature wit and playfulness, cast doubt on the authenticity of the signature. Tilting his head in confusion, he flashed a mischievous smile and remarked, “I don’t remember signing that.” This lighthearted observation immediately sparked a playful exchange, as the person recording the video urged him to “Go ask for it back. If you’re really Thor, go get it then,” followed by the teasing challenge, “Go on, lift it up.” 

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Chris Hemsworth Mjölnir
Image Courtesy: People

Hemsworth’s children joined in on the fun, with one of them innocently inquiring, “Is that a copyright signature?” The Aussie actor embraced the moment, keeping the magic alive in the caption of the video, writing, “Didn’t want to scare the kids but I could’ve definitely called Mjolnir if I wanted to…” 

In a recent interview, Hemsworth reminisced about his iconic cameo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, expressing his enthusiasm for being part of this extraordinary world. “I didn’t… Am I in there? It’s really cool,” he said, reflecting on the sense of awe and gratitude he felt upon seeing himself as a character in the franchise. “You kind of forget, and be like, ‘Oh, cool! I’m part of the team. They’re talking about me, and I’m not in it.’ But, I mean, that whole world is really cool to be part of.” 

Chris Hemsworth Mjölnir
Image Courtesy: Yahoo news

In May, Hemsworth reunited with his Marvel costar Robert Downey Jr., as he received his well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During the heartfelt ceremony, Downey Jr., who portrays the legendary Iron Man, recited a series of playful “roasts” from their colleagues before expressing his admiration for Hemsworth’s talent and character. 

“It has been my sincere pleasure to know you these many years. You keep us Hollywood folks on our toes because you’re just a real dude,” Downey Jr. said, praising Hemsworth’s grounded nature. He further commended the actor, stating, “You have a true-blue wit and a depth of soul.”

-Sushmita Sarkar