Chris Pratt Reveals How He Splurged His First Big Paycheck

Chris Pratt shared insights into how he indulged himself with his first significant paycheck. The actor recently disclosed how he spent a substantial sum from his initial major acting gig, admitting he quickly realized he had used it all up.

Reflecting on his financial habits, Pratt revealed he didn’t hesitate to spend lavishly when he received his first substantial payment as an actor. Despite coming from a family with modest financial means, he emphasized that spending money was never a challenge for him.

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Chris Pratt First Paycheck
Image Courtesy: People

Recalling the moment he received his first significant paycheck, Pratt expressed astonishment, stating, “The first paycheck I got, I was like ‘Are you serious?’ I had lived on very little money for a long time.” He disclosed that the paycheck came from a TV movie for which he was paid $75,000.

However, Pratt admitted that the realization of spending his earnings hit him two months later. He confessed to splurging on vacations to Hawaii and Australia and even contemplated investing in a yacht initially.

Chris Pratt First Paycheck
Image Courtesy: People

Pratt acknowledged that he lacked financial literacy growing up, which led to his irresponsible spending behaviour. It took him some time to realize the importance of making wise financial decisions, especially for the future security of himself and his family.

Reflecting on his journey, Pratt emphasized the need to prioritize financial stability and plan for the future. He underscored the importance of making responsible financial choices, acknowledging that it was a process of growth and maturity.

– Farheen Ali