‘Demon Slayer’: This is Why Everyone Loves Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku stands out as one of ‘Demon Slayer’s most adored characters, capturing the hearts of fans with his fiery spirit and admirable traits, despite his brief screen time in the ‘Demon Slayer’ anime. The question remains: what catapulted this Hashira of Fire into the limelight of the series?

A significant factor contributing to Rengoku’s popularity is his prominent role in the immensely successful ‘Mugen Train’ episode. Serving as a supporting character throughout and taking the lead in the episode’s climactic battle, he undoubtedly became a fan favourite. However, appreciating Rengoku goes beyond surface-level analysis; there’s a deeper connection.

Demon Slayer
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Rengoku emerges as the hero in the final showdown of the ‘Mugen Train’ episode. After Tanjiro and Inosuke subdue the demon haunting the train, sustaining injuries in the process, Rengoku steps in to confront the formidable Upper Moon demon, Akaza.

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The battle becomes more than just physical as Akaza attempts to lure Rengoku into becoming a demon for increased strength. Yet, Rengoku resolutely rejects these temptations, steadfast in his commitment, even in the face of apparent defeat.

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Akaza inflicts mortal wounds on Rengoku, who, aware of his impending demise, continues to fight through the pain. Despite the odds, he strives to prevent Akaza’s escape and expose him to sunlight. Ultimately, Akaza surrenders and flees, a decision that Tanjiro criticizes as the demon retreats.

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While Rengoku succumbs to his injuries, he finds solace in knowing he saved countless lives, including those on the train and the younger demon slayers like Tanjiro. In death, the Fire Hashira exemplifies the essence of being a demon slayer.

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Fans’ affection for Rengoku extends beyond his positive demeanour and action-packed scenes. He embodies the finest qualities of a demon slayer and, to some extent, the best aspects of humanity. Even in his dying moments, he commends Tanjiro and expresses good wishes. The sudden and shocking nature of his death, especially against a formidable foe like the Upper Moon demons, adds to the impact. Rengoku’s unwavering principles and noble strength resonate with audiences.

Rengoku’s popularity stems from his portrayal as a paragon demon slayer, featuring impressive action sequences and a poignant, tear-inducing demise. These elements combine to elevate him to the status of a beloved and iconic character in the series, despite his relatively brief appearance.