Did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Split? Here’s What We Know

Jennifer Lopez has sparked rumours about a potential split with her husband, Ben Affleck, by liking a provocative Instagram post about “broken relationships.” The 54-year-old singer liked a post from relationship counsellor Lenna Marsak that discussed the challenges of being in a relationship without “integrity and respect.”

The post included several text slides, with the first stating, “You cannot build a healthy relationship with someone who lacks integrity & emotional safety.” Despite this, Lopez was seen wearing her wedding ring while arriving at a dance studio in Los Angeles. This comes amid TMZ reports suggesting that Ben has been living alone in Brentwood, away from his A-list wife.

Reports emerged yesterday that the Hollywood couple “simply couldn’t make it work” and are heading for a divorce after less than two years of marriage.

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Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Split
Image Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Despite claims that he isn’t currently living at their home, Affleck was spotted in Santa Monica while Lopez was at the studio. He, too, was wearing his wedding band.

The Instagram post Lopez liked also mentioned various relationship red flags, such as a partner who “doesn’t respect your time, fails to communicate effectively, and doesn’t follow through on promises.” The post highlighted that trust is crucial in any relationship, and it’s hard to trust someone who lacks integrity in their words, actions, or intentions. This lack of trust can lead to fear and emotional instability, making it tough to feel secure in the relationship.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Split
Image Courtesy: Billboard

Other slides in the post discussed the importance of effective communication for connection and empathy. It stressed that for a relationship to thrive, both parties need to feel heard and appreciated. One slide noted that a partner who “lacks effective communication skills, gives the silent treatment, withdraws, and only communicates on their terms” poses significant challenges.

The final slide suggested that a person who “doesn’t know who they are or what they want” creates instability and uncertainty in a relationship. The post’s author added, “You can’t form a bond with someone who is disconnected from themselves. How can we expect others to understand us if we cannot comprehend ourselves?”

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Split
Image Courtesy: THR

While US Weekly reported that the couple has been spending time apart, they have not officially announced a split. A source revealed that Jen and Ben are facing marital problems, which began a few months ago when Jen’s work commitments increased as she prepared for her tour.

Another source mentioned that Lopez’s recent visit to her Los Angeles home was for investment purposes. A third insider confirmed that while Affleck is not currently living at their marital home, the couple is “working on their relationship” and has no immediate plans to divorce.

Lopez arrived at a dance studio in a casual outfit, showing off her toned midriff in a grey crop top and matching trousers. She was seen wearing her wedding ring and carrying a laptop, hinting at her busy schedule and ongoing commitment to her work and possibly her marriage.