Dwayne Johnson Transforms in ‘The Smashing Machine’ First Looks

Dwayne Johnson is all set to take on the challenging role of MMA legend Mark Kerr in the upcoming biopic ‘The Smashing Machine.’ Directed by Benny Safdie, known for his work in ‘Good Times’ and ‘Uncut Gems,’ the film promises an intense portrayal of Kerr’s life, including his battles with addiction and his journey post-marriage to his wife Dwan Staples. Joining Johnson in the cast is the talented Emily Blunt, adding another layer of depth to the project.

In a recent sneak peek at ‘The Smashing Machine,’ fans were left stunned as Johnson appeared almost unrecognizable, thanks to the magic of prosthetics and a wig, transforming him into the likeness of Mark Kerr himself. The movie is currently in production at A24 Studios, known for producing bold and boundary-pushing films.

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Smashing Machine First Look
Image Courtesy: Deadline

Director Benny Safdie, who previously worked with Emily Blunt on Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer,’ marks his solo feature debut with this project. Addressing rumours of a split from his brother and collaborator, Safdie explained, “It’s a natural progression for both of us to explore our individual interests and visions. I’m excited to delve into storytelling on my own terms.”

This isn’t the first time Johnson and Safdie have crossed paths. Their initial collaboration in 2019 was unfortunately derailed by the pandemic. However, fate brought them back together, with Emily Blunt playing a pivotal role in rekindling their partnership. Reflecting on their shared passion for authentic storytelling, Johnson shared, “Benny’s dedication to raw and compelling narratives resonates with me deeply. I’m eager to challenge myself and my audiences with this project.”

Smashing Machine First Look
Image Courtesy: etonline

Produced under Seven Bucks Production, Johnson’s company with Dany Garcia, and Safdie’s Out of the Count, the film boasts a formidable team. Eli Bush and David Koplan are also onboard, ensuring the financial backing needed to bring Kerr’s gripping story to life.

As Johnson embarks on this new chapter of his career, he remains committed to projects that push boundaries and explore the human experience. “I want to make films that matter, that delve into the complexities of humanity,” he remarked, highlighting his dedication to meaningful storytelling.