Eminem Announces Death of Slim Shady in Newspaper Before Album Release

In a surprising and theatrical move, a fake obituary for the Marshall Mathers LP artist’s twisted rap alter ego – a persona that has been an integral part of his career since his groundbreaking Slim Shady and The Slim Shady LPs – appeared in the esteemed Detroit Free Press. The obituary declared this iconic character dead, ahead of Eminem’s highly anticipated twelfth studio album, ‘The Death Of Slim Shady’ (Coup de Grâce), slated for release this summer.

The headline, “Slim Shady Made Lasting Impressions,” immediately captured attention, while the subheading further piqued interest, stating, “Fans will never forget the controversial rapper.”

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Eminem Death of Slim Shady
Image Courtesy: People

The obituary itself delved into the origins and impact of this iconic figure, eulogising, “A product of Detroit who began his career there as a rogue splinter in the flourishing underground rap scene of the mid to late 1990s, Shady first became a household name in 1999 with the debut of his playfully deranged single ‘My Name Is,’ which – along with its uniquely eye-catching video – exposed the young artist and his lyrics to a wider audience.”

The tribute continued, acknowledging the complex duality of this persona, stating, “Ultimately, the very things that seemed to be the tools he used became calling cards that defined an existence that could only come to a sudden and horrific end. 

Eminem Death of Slim Shady
Image Courtesy: Variety

His complex and tortured existence has come to a close, and the legacy he leaves behind is no closer to resolution than how this character departed this world.” The poignant eulogy concluded with a solemn farewell, “May he truly find the peace in an afterlife that he could not find on Earth.”

This theatrical obituary rollout arrived just a few weeks after Eminem announced his new album, which he unveiled through an intriguing Instagram teaser that aired before his appearance at his hometown of Detroit’s prestigious NFL Draft event. The project marks the 15-time Grammy winner’s first full-length release since his surprise drop of ‘Music to Be Murdered By,’ which captivated audiences.

-Sushmita Sarkar