Ethan Hawke Humourously Reflects on Taylor Swift’s ‘Fortnight’ Video, See What He Said

During a recent conversation, the seasoned actor Ethan Hawke delved into his unexpected appearance in Taylor Swift’s music video for ‘Fortnight’. This collaboration brought Hawke together with his fellow Dead Poets Society actor Josh Charles, creating a buzz among fans and sparking discussions about the deeper connections between Swift’s artistic vision and iconic films like ‘Dead Poets Society.’

Hawke shared insights into how the cameo came about, highlighting Swift’s intention to pay homage to themes from ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ and the ‘Dead Poets Society’. He humorously speculated about this cameo becoming a memorable part of his legacy, quipping about the possibility of it making its way into his obituary one day. 

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Ethan Hawke Fortnight
Image Courtesy: PageSix

This lighthearted remark showcased Hawke’s appreciation for the unique experience and the playful acknowledgement of how such unexpected moments can become defining points in one’s career.

In an earlier appearance on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’, Hawke further discussed the Easter egg references in Swift’s video and the challenges of keeping the cameo under wraps until its release. He recounted the amusing scenario of navigating through public spaces with Charles while being privy to a secret that Swift’s dedicated fans would later uncover.

Despite the initial shock and “profound disappointment” expressed by his daughters upon learning of his collaboration with Swift, Hawke emphasised the significance of Swift’s music to younger generations. 

He acknowledged the ownership that fans, especially younger audiences, feel towards artists like Swift, highlighting the need to maintain a balance between personal projects and respecting fan connections. Through these conversations, Hawke’s involvement in ‘Fortnight’ not only showcased his playful side but also highlighted the enduring impact of music and pop culture collaborations across generations.

-Sushmita Sarkar