Harry Styles Stalker Imprisoned for Sending The Star 8000 Letters in a Month

The recent revelation that Myra Carvalho has been stalking Harry Styles has stirred up both concern and intrigue among fans worldwide. Carvalho, having been convicted by the court for stalking charges that caused significant distress, raises questions about her motives and the consequences of her actions.

Myra Carvalho, a 35-year-old from Brazil, captured attention for her obsessive behaviour towards the former One Direction star. Reports from The Guardian indicate that Carvalho had been residing in the United Kingdom since December, unbeknownst to her family back home.

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Harry Styles Stalker Myra Carvalho
Image Courtesy: British GQ

Her relentless pursuit of Styles reached an alarming peak when she sent an astonishing 8,000 cards to his address within just a few weeks. These cards ranged from love letters to explicit expressions of desire, as well as wedding invitations, underscoring the disturbing intensity of Carvalho’s fixation.

Understandably rattled by Carvalho’s intrusive behaviour, Styles took legal action, leading to her appearance in Harrow Crown Court. Prosecutors detailed how Carvalho’s incessant harassment had caused significant distress to Styles. Despite admitting guilt and pleading guilty to the stalking charges, the severity of her actions demanded serious repercussions.

Prosecutor Alejandra Llorente Tascon, as reported by Mirror, highlighted the extent of Carvalho’s harassment, including the delivery of letters and wedding invitations directly to Styles.

Consequently, Carvalho was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison and issued a 10-year restraining order, preventing her from contacting Styles directly or indirectly. She was also barred from attending any events where Styles might be present and prohibited from entering the north-west London area, ensuring Styles could continue his career without further harassment.

In addition to the prison sentence and restraining order, Carvalho was fined £134 as a victim surcharge.