Is Sofia Vergara Being Sued by Griselda Blanco’s Estate?

Sofia Vergara’s latest venture, the Netflix miniseries ‘Griselda,’ depicting the life of the infamous Colombian drug queen Griselda Blanco, has hit a stumbling block. The reason? Well, it appears Griselda’s adult children, acting as the custodians of her estate, have taken legal action against both Netflix and Vergara herself.

Griselda’s eldest son, Michael, is at the forefront of the legal battle. He contends that he’s been engaging in interviews from 2009 to 2022, delving into his and his mother’s life stories. These interviews, documented on paper, were conducted with the hope of eventually transforming their narratives into a production, including a book and a show.

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Sofia Vergara Griselda
Image Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter

Back in 2016, he was assured by his interviewees that they would pitch the project to Hollywood.

However, the bone of contention arises from Netflix’s alleged change of heart. Despite initial interest in Michael’s interviews, the streaming giant purportedly decided not to incorporate any of the provided details and anecdotes. Fast forward to the present, Michael claims that some of the anecdotes he shared have found their way into the ‘Griselda’ series, without him receiving any compensation from Netflix.

Consequently, Michael, alongside his siblings as representatives of Blanco’s estate, filed a lawsuit against Netflix. Their gripe? The streaming service allegedly narrated their family’s story without obtaining their consent, specifically using their likeness without permission.

Sofia Vergara Griselda
Image Courtesy: Digital Spy

Now, why is Sofia Vergara tangled up in this legal web? It turns out, that not only is she portraying the titular drug kingpin in the series, but she also wears the hat of an executive producer. This dual role explains why the ‘Modern Family’ star has found herself mentioned in the lawsuit.

The show, initially scheduled for release on Netflix on 25th January, is facing potential delays due to the legal dispute. Griselda’s children firmly believe that materials from Michael’s interviews, as well as the likeness of him and his siblings, were incorporated into the series without their approval.