Jack Antonoff Reflects on The Success of Taylor Swift’s Album And Sabrina Carpenter’s Single: “It’s Wild”

Jack Antonoff is celebrating his recent achievements at the top of the music charts, especially on the Fourth of July. The Bleachers frontman made an appearance with his band to promote their latest self-titled album and perform hits like ‘Modern Girl’, ‘Tiny Moves’, and ‘Rollercoaster’. The event was a testament to his dynamic presence in the music industry, not just as a performer but also as a celebrated producer.

During an accompanying interview, Antonoff spoke about his recent success as a producer on Taylor Swift’s album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’, and Sabrina Carpenter’s latest single, ‘Please Please Please’. 

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Jack Antonoff
Image Courtesy: Radio Concertio

“It’s wild,” Antonoff said when asked about his achievements with both pop stars, calling them “the best” and describing the success of Swift’s ‘TTPD’ as “crazy.”

Although he didn’t delve deeply into his work with the singers, he offered some insight into his creative process. “I work not very far away, I work at a studio called Electric Lady and I’m up at the roof — it’s sort of like a little bit of a small apartment up there,” he said, referring to the famous Manhattan music studio. “We make all the records up there and when lots of people hear them, it feels amazing because we’re sort of contained up there.”

Antonoff emphasized the importance of genuine inspiration in his songwriting. “You don’t hear a lot of great songs about, like, one’s lunch order. So the things you don’t really understand and cause you pain are usually things worth writing about,” he explained, adding that he has to be strongly “compelled” to write music.

When asked about his plans for the holiday, Antonoff shared his dedication to his craft. “Tonight? I’m going to the studio. That’s where I got to be,” he said, highlighting his relentless work ethic and passion for music.

-Sushmita Sarkar