Jennifer Lopez Calls Out Skincare Ads for Using AI to Add Wrinkles to Her Face Without Consent

Jennifer Lopez has weighed in on the impact of AI in light of her new Netflix film, ‘Atlas’, which tackles modern technological issues. Directed by Brad Peyton, the sci-fi film stars Lopez as a data scientist who despises the overuse of technology but must rely on AI to save Earth from a malevolent robot, played by Simu Liu. 

At the film’s LA premiere, Lopez discussed the movie and her personal experiences with AI, stating, “I think this movie does a good job of showing how AI could go incredibly wrong, and this is how it could go really right.”

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Jennifer Lopez AI Ads
Image Courtesy: People

Lopez revealed her own troubling encounter with AI, explaining that her face had been altered in skincare ads without her consent. “Right away, we had them stealing our faces. So, yes, [AI] is really scary,” she remarked.

Despite her concerns, Lopez acknowledged the benefits of AI, noting that films like ‘Atlas’ effectively present both the positive and negative aspects of the technology. “These movies that are talking about AI—especially this one—do a really good job of showing both sides,” she added.

Jennifer Lopez AI Ads
Image Courtesy: People

Co-star Sterling K. Brown, who plays a military officer in ‘Atlas’, praised Lopez for her work ethic and dedication. “Moguls be moguling,” he said, highlighting his admiration for her professionalism on set. He also shared a humorous memory of chatting with Lopez between takes, reminiscing about her time as a Fly Girl on ‘In Living Color’. “She had a few good Rosie Perez stories,” Brown recounted.

‘Atlas’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

– Farheen Ali