Jennifer Lopez Deflects Personal Questions About Ben Affleck During ‘Atlas’ Press Day

Jennifer Lopez kept her focus firmly on her work during a press event in Mexico City for her new Netflix film, ‘Atlas.’ On Wednesday, May 22, the actress and producer faced an unexpected personal question about her relationship with Ben Affleck.

An unidentified reporter asked Lopez in a room full of press, “Is your divorce with Ben Affleck real? These rumours? What is the truth? What is the truth of the situation?” Before Lopez could respond, her co-star Simu Liu stepped in. “Okay, we’re not doing that,” Liu stated firmly. “Thank you so much, guys. We really appreciate it.”

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Jennifer Lopez Atlas Press
Image Courtesy : Netflix

Lopez then leaned in, addressing the reporter directly, “You know better than that.”

Liu added, “C’mon, don’t come in with that energy, please.” He continued to highlight Lopez’s professional achievements, saying, “Jen is a producer on this movie and the reason why I am here and why Sterling [K. Brown] was in this beautiful movie because Jen cares. And Jen cares about things like representation and diversity, and she’s a boss.”

Lopez concluded the press conference by thanking the press in Spanish, “Thank you. No one asked me anything in Spanish but okay.” She blew a kiss and smiled, lightening the mood as attendees laughed.

Jennifer Lopez Atlas Press
Image Courtesy: Glamour

The press event came amid rumours of marital difficulties between Lopez and Affleck. Sources connected to Lopez told PEOPLE that their marriage is “not in the best place at the moment,” and the couple has been living apart recently.

Affleck was notably absent from the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Atlas’ on Monday and the Mexico City premiere on Tuesday. Instead, he was seen dining at a popular Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. Despite the rumours, both Lopez and Affleck have been spotted wearing their wedding rings this week.

Lopez and Affleck’s relationship has been highly publicized since they first met on the set of ‘Gigli’ in 2001. They became engaged but split in 2004, only to rekindle their romance nearly two decades later and marry in a small ceremony in Vegas in 2022.

-Gayathri J