Jessica Madsen Opens Up About Cressida Role, Welcomes Hate as Validation

Jessica Madsen finds satisfaction in the mixed reactions from ‘Bridgerton’ viewers towards her character, Cressida Cowper.

In the third season of the popular Netflix series, Cressida forms an unexpected bond with Eloise Bridgerton amidst the aftermath of Eloise discovering Lady Whistledown’s true identity as Penelope Featherington. Additionally, Cressida competes for the affection of the same suitor as Penelope, prompting speculation about her motives.

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Cressida Jessica Madsen
Image Courtesy: Yahoo News

In a joint interview with Claudia Jessie, who portrays Eloise, Madsen shares with PEOPLE that she has received intriguing comments and DMs about her character. While acknowledging that Cressida isn’t the most beloved character, Madsen humorously recounts messages expressing gratitude for allowing viewers to dislike her intensely.

Madsen jokingly responds to such messages, embracing the notion that receiving hate for her portrayal means she has effectively portrayed the character. She emphasizes that she doesn’t take negative feedback personally, recognizing the unpredictable nature of online interactions. However, she appreciates meeting fans who express their appreciation for the show in person.

Cressida Jessica Madsen
Image Courtesy: Yahoo

Regarding Cressida’s storyline in the third season, Madsen hints at upcoming developments and complexities for her character. She suggests that viewers will witness a more layered portrayal of Cressida, delving into her motivations and humanizing her persona.

‘Bridgerton”s third season is currently available for streaming on Netflix, with the second part set to release on 13th June.

– Farheen Ali