Jon Bon Jovi Feels Like The “Ghost of Christmas Future” Giving Advice to Young Stars Like Ed Sheeran

In an interview, the rock icon Jon Bon Jovi spoke about how younger stars in the music industry, like Ed Sheeran, often seek his guidance due to his extensive experience. Bon Jovi, who collaborated with Sheeran on the song ‘Living In Paradise’ for his new album Forever, reflected on the mentorship role he has taken on. “He’s one of the greats,” Jon said of the ‘Shape of You’ artist. “Ed is a sweetheart. I’ve met him over the years a number of times. We were hanging out. He and his wife and babies have come to spend, you know, like the weekend at my house.”

The ‘Always’ singer shared how he has been able to offer Sheeran some valuable pointers. “When you get to a certain age with a certain experience, the younger guys come to you and you’re like, you know, the Ghost of Christmas Future,” Jon said. “And they start asking a lot of questions, like how and where, you know, and they look to that.”

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Jon Bon Jovi
Image Courtesy: BraveWords

Jon opened up about writing ‘Living in Paradise’ with Sheeran, who is still navigating various life experiences. “When we were writing it, he was, you know, putting himself into my predicament,” Jon began. “He and Cherry are so sweet and just trying to figure out those ropes. He’s gonna write the ‘I Got the Girl’ song before he gets to the ‘Kiss the Bride’ song ’cause his kids are babies, you know?”

Jon continued, “In fact, when I played him ‘Kiss the Bride,’ he was like, ‘Touché.’ And that’s exactly what he said.  He was like, ‘I didn’t think of that.’ Yeah, because your babies are little. He’s not there yet.” This exchange highlighted the different stages of life and career they are each experiencing. In the conversation, Jon also discussed his dream collaborations, expressing a longing to work with some of his musical heroes. 

“Leonard Cohen’s passed, but whether it was Paul Simon or Bruce or Paul McCartney. I mean, just off the top of my head, there’s so many great writers that were influential. Mark Knopfler would’ve been one for me. I don’t know. I mean, the list goes on and on,” he said. Through his experiences and insights, Jon Bon Jovi continues to influence and inspire both his peers and the younger generation of musicians. His reflections on mentorship and collaboration reveal a deep respect for the craft and those who contribute to its ongoing evolution.

-Sushmita Sarkar