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Katy Perry Struggles in Bottega Veneta Gown After ‘American Idol’ Filming

As Katy Perry brings her musical expertise to the judges’ table on ‘American Idol,’ she continues to captivate audiences with her impeccable sense of style. 

In a recent episode of the show’s 22nd season, Perry donned a striking red Bottega Veneta bouclé gown, complete with structured shoulder straps and a drop waistline. However, the avant-garde silhouette of the gown, priced at $7,400 on Net-a-Porter’s website, led to some behind-the-scenes challenges.

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In a candid video shared, she can be seen sitting in a dressing room, visibly struggling to remove the dress. Despite suggestions to cut the fabric, Perry hesitates, emphasising the value and craftsmanship of the Bottega Veneta creation. 

Her commitment to preserving the integrity of the garment highlights her respect for high fashion and attention to detail in her wardrobe choices.

Image Courtesy: Bored Panda

Perry’s fashion journey extends beyond her ‘American Idol’ appearances. Collaborating with her stylist, Tatiana Waterford, Perry has embraced power dressing in bold red hues.

At the 2024 Women in At The Billboard Music Awards, she turned heads in a cheeky Ellie Misner lace-up ensemble, featuring an exposed back that showcased a prosthetic butterfly tattoo. This artistic touch, crafted by award-winning special effects makeup artist Hugo Villasenor, added an element of whimsy to Perry’s red carpet-look.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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